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welcome to ihd-solutions.com

ihd-solutions.com offers "operations" support within the Market Research industry.

From CATI scriptwriting to complex database driven applications, we can help you deliver to your clients' requirements without the hassle and expense of employing new staff for a short term need. Working as an extension to your business, we pride ourselves on the continuity of business with our existing clients and welcome new ones with professionalism and affordable solutions.

Whether as on-site contractors to work with your team, or on a stand-a-lone project completed in our offices in High Wycombe, we are available to help you get the job done.

Amongst our portfolio of expertise we offer: -

  • Operational Support - Advice and experience and hands on help on the best way to meet your needs and requirements.
  • CATI/WAPI/Mobile Scriptwriting – With expertise in most of the modern (and some older) scriptwriting languages we can provide efficient and elegant scripts to meet the most complex questionnaire requirements.
  • Web/Mobile Interviewing – We can deliver your projects using industry standard software or if your need is more complex, we have experience in creating bespoke online and mobile data collection/interviewing systems from scratch.
  • Interactive Dashboards – One of our main specialities is the creation of bespoke online dashboards. From charting to complex analysis we can provide a dynamic dashboard suite that exceeds your clients’ expectations.
  • Analysis and Reporting – We deliver reports to our clients on a daily basis. From simple Excel and Word reports to more complex macro driven report runs, we can take your data and make it “come to life” for your clients.
  • Database Applications – Our methodology is firmly based in formal software engineering. We can provide bespoke online applications to suit most purposes. We do not fit your project to an off the shelf solution (unless there is one that fits perfectly), we find the best component parts and build you an application that fits with your needs.
  • Excel Training – Our Excel training courses have been refined, updated and delivered for the past 10 years. Specifically designed for helping executives work more productively within the Market Research environment. We have been delivering targeted training with positive results over all of the Microsoft Office iterations with our latest courses covering Office 2010/2013 versions of Excel.

We offer our services on a contract or one off basis, with competitive pricing and senior expertise. If you need holiday or maternity/paternity cover, support to clear a scriptwriting bottleneck, in-house training, reporting services or a complete application design we can help without breaking the bank. We can now also offer online interviewing without the need to sign up to long term contracts. All the programming, hosting and sampling can be undertaken by us, providing you with your tables, reports or raw data at the end of fieldwork as required.

As an independent consultant, we are constantly in communication with all of the major Market Research software, sample and panel providers, and are up to date with the capabilities and benefits of each of them (we do not take commission from any of them to maintain that independence). We can advise openly on the best softwares to meet your needs, and which ones would provide the optimal solution for your business. If you are a software supplier and would like to add your product to our portfolio, please get in touch and we can arrange a demonstration.

We can always offer personal and business references before starting any job, and are always honest about what can and can't be delivered within your budget and time-frame. From large companies to small, we have provided our support and expertise to fit the requirement, call us today to see how we can help you.

So don't turn down a client request just because you haven't done it before, give us a call and see how we can help using our in-house expertise. Affordable day rates or fixed project costs enable you to build us into your proposals without breaking your clients' budgets.

Call or email today with your requirements, we are always please to talk potential new clients and advise on the options available to you on your projects.




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